Come Relax in Maine! 

Your Day Begins with Breakfast

From 8-10 AM, a lovely breakfast is served in the foyer daily. We are a Vegetarian & Vegan bed and breakfast, and are food allergy friendly! Just let us know of any allergies or food preferences, and we will make sure that you have an amazing breakfast waiting for you in the morning! 

We also have a very popular 24 hour a day complementary coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and snack bar, where you can do a late night chocolate run... because chocolate always tastes better at midnight! 

All of our rooms have kitchenettes, and are equipped with everything but the oven for making breakfast if you prefer, and Freeport has some wonderful spots for grabbing a bite! 


We have outside areas designed for relaxing. Our patio comes to life at night with beautiful lights and a fire-pit. Stop in the foyer and grab yourself a snuggly outdoor blanket and a hot chocolate on your way outside! - or, bring along a bottle of wine for a romantic evening by the fire (our suites all have wine glasses and bottle openers). Wander the garden, and feel free to pick yourself a bowl of raspberries or blueberries!

making your vacation a little easier

We offer a number of things that we hope will make your stay here as relaxing as possible! 

  • Complimentary WIFI
  • Complimentary Parking
  • Organic, Vegan toiletries
  • Morning Coffee, Tea, and breakfast
  • Throw blankets and extra things to make your suite feel snuggly
  • Individual Climate Control in Suites
  • Gas Fireplaces (in select rooms)
  • Hairdryers
  • Microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, electric water kettles, and dish-ware. 

Environmentally Friendly!

We strive to be green, and welcome your feedback as to ways that we can improve! We are very excited to be partnering with Clean the World, an organization that collects unused and leftover soap, shampoo, lotions, and conditioners, and creates hygiene kits that are sent to vulnerable communities throughout the world. You can read more about Clean the World here

You will find recycling bins in your guest room. We recycle everything possible!

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, your linens and towels will only be washed and changed at your request during your stay. In addition to this, staff will not enter your room for cleaning during your stay. By doing this, we greatly reduce the use of water, soaps, bleach, and electricity consumed. If you need fresh linens during your stay, all you need to do is ask! 

We use no chemicals in our gardens or on our lawn. Our kitchen garden is safe to walk through barefoot, and food can be picked right from the vine and eaten if you just can't resist that perfect tomato, or if you would like to nip a little lemongrass for a dish you're preparing in your suite! 

A few simple rules

Please note that our property (house and yard) are 100% smoke free.

This is a lovely, quiet residential neighborhood, and as such, we do not allow parties of any kind, big or small. 

We ask that guests observe quiet hours from 10 PM until 7 AM.

Porters Landing is a very old, close residential neighborhood, dating back to the 1700s. Many homes around us (including our own!) have small flocks of chickens, pets, children, etc. All of the things that make a neighborhood wonderful & unique! We love it, and wouldn't have it any other way. However, we also know that after a long day of travel, you may want to get an early nights rest, a nap, or sleep in. For this reason, your room will have both eye masks and ear plugs, just in case! 

We live in the house as well, and we will also abide by these same rules. We are so happy to be able to open up our home to guests and artists from all over the world! We strive to share this little corner of happiness with you, and at the same time, respect our neighbors & their own dreams of living in beautiful, peaceful Freeport. 

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