Art Retreat Application

There is no fee for applying! If your application is accepted, you will be contacted with all available dates that fit with the length of your retreat, and the time of year you have selected. Freeport retreats are beginning May 1, 2021. When your dates are confirmed, you will have to submit a payment for half of your stay. You may choose to pay the full amount upfront, but the full balance is not due until 2 weeks before your stay.

Prices for 2023 Art Retreats

Seven nights as a solo artist, $525
Seven nights for two artists sharing a room, $750

Prices for the art retreat are at a substantially reduced rate from a typical stay at Porters Landing Guest House! Our goal is to make this an affordable getaway for artists looking to gather creative energy, find new inspiration, work on a project, or just enjoy creative time outside of their normal surroundings.


Are you applying as an individual or with another artist?

If applying with another artist, what is your room choice?

The Schooner Suite has a small ship's ladder to reach the bedroom, and the Merchant's Quarters is on the 2nd floor. Are you physically able to use stairs?

Will you be playing a musical instrument?

Please Check off any add-ons to your retreat that you are interested in.

Have you applied before? We welcome artists to come back as many times as they wish!

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